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Digitial Transfers
What can I put on a t-shirt or mousepad?
Any image that you own the copyright or an image we create using royalty-free images. You can email us your image or we can scan it in.

I don't have a photo but I have some other ideas. Can you help put something together?
Yes, we have a 600,000 royalty-free clipart and photo collection that we can use to create a unique image for you.

Can I add text to my image?
Yes, we can add borders and text.

How large an image can I put on a t-shirt.
The maximum output size is 8" by 10". We can sometimes use multiple pages. This process would work best with detached images.

The photo I want to use is really old and messy, can you clean it up.
We can do some cleanup to enhance your photo. Your original will be returned to you completely intact. Art charges are at $30 per hour billed in 15 minute increments with a half-hour minimum.

My image is really small (3" x 5"), can you enlarge it to 8" x 10"?
Yes as long as we scan the image at a higher resolution to allow for enlargement. Let us know when you order the finished size and we will make sure you get the best result.

I only want a small image; is that possible? Can I put the transfer on the sleeve or other location?
Yes, any size image is possible up to 8" x 10". We can apply the transfer to any part of the shirt (front, back, sleeve). We an also put multiple transfers on different locations.
Digital or Computer-generated heat transfers are made using an inkjet or color laser printer. It allows for full color without any price adjustments. It is as durable as screen-printing, but offers more detail. Heat Transfer uses heat to create a bond between the resin and the T-Shirt, locking the ink between the two layers. Heat Transfer has a slight plastic feel when first worn, however, this feel will diminish after washing.

The benefits of Heat Transfer
  • Vibrant colors - great for photos and detailed imagery
  • Good washability, fading happens over the first few washes
Things to keep in mind with Heat Transfer
  • May crack on ribbed garments
  • Has a slightly stiffer feel
  • Transfer outline may be visible with some designs
  • May yellow over time